Nikki Wetherell

I am Nikki, mum of two, wife of one and fitness enthusiast. Like you, I have a busy life. I know what it feels like to feel run down, depressed, over weight and desperate to feel like the old me again.

My love of fitness started back in 2006. I was with struggling with postnatal depression after a difficult birth and had put on 4 stone during my pregnancy. Despite having a beautiful, healthy, longed for baby boy I was deeply unhappy within my self and started going to the local gym, just to get out of the house each day. It was a long winding road of successes and failures but eventually I lost my baby weight and felt great! I had the size 18 wedding dress I had initially brought altered and walked down the aisle as a size 10-12.

Soon after we got married I fell pregnant with my daughter, and continued weight training, aerobics and body pump until I gave birth. I was back out running within a couple of weeks and felt amazing. A totally different story from my previous pregnancy. I put this down to maintaining a regular exercise program. The benefits weren’t just physical but helped me stay positive mentally too.

I was inspired by a dear friend to make my love of fitness a career after helping her train for a 10k run we organised for SANDS, Still birth and Neonatal Death Charity.  In 2010 I started my training to become a Personal Trainer and I have not looked back. I absolutely LOVE my work!

Seeing my clients reaching goals and conquering the daily challenges we are all faced with, helping them become fit and healthy in mind, as well as the body is a real privilege.

Since initially qualifying as a PT I have gone on to do many courses including my qualifying as a level 4 Yoga instructor,  Ante & Postnatal qualification, Circuit training, advanced Nutrition and become a specialist in Pelvic floor health with Adore Your Floor. I have also completed a course called Conscious Control which is about the physiological aspects of making lifestyle changes which covers things like NLP.

I am an experianced a level 3 Personal Trainer, qualified to train Ante and Postnatal women, I hold my Advanced Nutrition qualification with Premier as well as being trained in Advanced Nutrition for body transformation with Precision Nutrition. I am also qualified to teach Spin, Body Pump, Circuit Training and exercise to music and recently attended Phil Learney’s advanced Nutrition Academy.

I am always striving to upgrade my skills so I can give my clients the most up to date and advice specific to their needs and expand my team to be able to help as may people as possible. Which now includes our fantastic Nutritionist Shane Nugent Msc.

I also offer Corporate Well-being packages to help make your workforce healthier and reduce time off sick to improve your bottom line. Workshops and retreats.


I also work hard on my personal goals to help inspire others and motivate myself to be the best I can be. In the past I have enjoyed climbing the 3 Peaks (well 2 1/2 of them) triathlons and mud runs. I absolutely love weightlifting and in 2014 made it my new years resolution to compete in the fitness category of two bodybuilding comps, Mimi Pro and Pure Elite where I placed 4th. 2014 by far exceed my expectations. I was nominated and placed in the top 20 for The Body Trophy 2014 out of 276 amazing athletes and became a USN sponsored athlete. I thought that would be just a dream for me! Next year I am aiming to compete again and hoping to improve my placing as well as working on my inner strength and developing Fit & Fabulous to help other women feel amazing too.

I hope you will allow me to help you achieve everything your dreaming of too!