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Well done on taking the brave step that is deciding to make a difference to your lifestyle, health or well-being.

I say brave as so often people stay stuck in what they know, remaining in their comfort zone, even if they’re not truly happy there.

Many people stay unhappy  and trapped in life choices, unhealthy relationships with them selves and other and don’t ever live a fulfilled life. To me personally  one of the absolutely most terrifying things is being on my death bed and wishing I’d done more or not achieved what I am capable of because of fear.

Fear come in many guises.

1: Settling for less than you deserve or can achieve. You compromise, forget your dreams, try and convince your self your happy.

2: You chose ‘realistic’ goals that are easier to achieve instead of going for the big ones you really want.

3: You say yes to people when really you want to say no. This show up a lot in my line of work with regards to food choices, as people don’t like to rock the boat and want to fit in or be polite. This leads to not living your truth, and you’ll likely become resentful. Saying no sometimes isn’t selfish, its selfless.

4: You rely on alcohol, food, shopping, sex, drugs or excessive business to fill voids. Avoid inner daemons with distraction methods instead of facing things making you unhappy. Inner pain and fears show up as anxiety, stress and  depression too. These behaviors are negative coping methods.

5: You self sabotage for fear of failing, uncertainty, judgment, rejection or criticism.

I totally get these things. I’ve felt them too and still do on occasion. So I understand how you may be feeling about tackling your health and well-being.

What I can totally assure you off however is one thing.

On the other side of fear IS GREAT SUCCESS.

We will help you by giving the tools, support and guidance you need to ensure you have everything you need to achieve the success and happiness you deserve.

Your WHY is one of the most important drivers behind your success.

I’d lie you to take some time to sit with your Why?

Why is it a must you achieve your goal? Not should, MUST?
Whats the emotional connection there -that’s super important. Really dig deep in to the emotions behind it.

What would that success mean for you?
How would it feel? Again, connect to that on a deep emotional level and get excited about it.

Just imagine what you can do and how you’ll feel when you hit those goals.
Whats the knock on impact of that. Its REALLY exciting!



Its not always going to be easy.

Motivation isn’t and ever ending supply and will power does run out. What you’ll have after that though is your why, and dedication to doing what needs to be done regardless of whats happening in your lives.

That hard work and dedication will make your success super sweet! It will feel incredible.

So welcome to the team.

  • Follow the plan we give you.
  • Reach out whenever you need support- even if its 10 x per day!
  • Use all the resources you have on offer here. Nutrition coaching, exercise, recipes, mind-set support, educational support on nutrition from Shane, our nutritionist.
  • Send in your check ins every wek so we can give you the feedback you need to progress and for extra support.

So a HUGE welcome to our amazing Fit & Fabulous team.