Pelvic Floor Rehab & Education Course

Bladder weakness, prolapse, stress incontinence ... I can help!

A pelvic floor awareness and rehabilitation program that will dramatically improve your pelvic floor function.

Whether you don’t have a problem and want to safeguard future health. Are thinking of having a baby or are pregnant. Have ever had an injury to your core section of your body including lower back pain and injury. Have a bowel condition such as Colitis, Crones, IBS or have already been diagnosed with a bladder or vaginal prolapse, urge problems, stress incontinence or general bladder weakness.

I have been a Personal Trainer for 9 years and could see that pelvic floor dysfunction was a major problem for many clients.  Up until now, when I realised a client had an issue I would refer them to their GP and they would be referred to a physio to get help. However, the help they were getting seemed to be very minimal and left them often still struggling with symptoms and a lack of understanding. Now I provide a comprehensive program that literally takes the stress away.

I have had comprehensive training so I can teach you how the pelvic floor works, about specific conditions and how to repair or substantially make a difference to your daily life.

The course is scientifically backed and developed by specialist physios and consultants. It brought incredible results for my clients leaving most importantly them…. But even their husbands noticing a difference after just 10 days!

Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. I’m always happy to discuss anything before you book.

The program includes:

4 Face to Face Sessions with me coaching you through the program week by week. This will then be followed by a 12 week online program you can do in your own time.

The program also includes the Adore You Pelvic Floor manual and lifetime membership to the Facebook support group which is full of coaches and specialist physics to support, guide and educate you.

During the course we’ll cover the following:

  • How to recruit the pelvic floor muscles correctly
  • Stabilizing and improving conditions of stress/urge incontinence.
  • Bowel conditions and how they affect the pelvic floor.
  • Issues of prolapse and the management of it.
  • Exercises to either avoid or to do during a fitness program to help improve and protect the pelvic floor

Should you need it we also have a Women’s Health Specialist Physiotherapist based in Tonbridge. I can refer you too her so she can give you a full pelvic MOT and diagnosis without the wait from the NHS, which can be long sometimes so this offers a big relief and only costs from £70 – a minimal amount for complete peace of mind and understanding of the symptoms your experiencing.

The course is taught in a small group of no more than 8 women in a private environment where you will feel comfortable with the light hearted way in which it is presented. The course is suitable for all ages and physical abilities.

The course is an investment of £99 for the 4 weeks face to face sessions and the 12 weeks online programming and includes your continued support. A bargain for the education and results you’ll have.

14th, 21st, 28th, 4th February

VENUE: Hurstgreen, TN19 7PN is the postcode. Full venue details and directions will be given on booking.

‘I was slightly nervous about dealing with my pelvic floor issues, particularly as post 3 children I have quite a severe prolapse which has caused a number of problems from incontinence to pain and embarrassment. Nikki made me feel at home immediately, her welcoming manor, honesty and immense knowledge and skill was incredibly empowering. I no longer felt my issues to be taboo and no longer felt alone. Literally days after starting the exercises we were shown I noticed an improvement in my prolapse and was even able to bounce on a trampoline with the kids without worrying! Even my husband noticed ‘muscle strengthening’! I have recommended Nikki too many pals already and will continue to do so. What she provides is a totally game changer.’ Mrs L 


Booking for the course is really simple. Just complete the form below so we have your details and can send you an email confirmation, the venue address and payment details.
Bookings need to be for paid in full at the time of booking by direct bank transfer with your name and ADYF as a reference