Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Fit & Fabulous is a trading name of Nikki Wetherell Personal Training. Nikki Wetherell and Fit & Fabulous will make no evaluation or recommendation whether a participant is medically fit for any exercise activity. It is always advisable to consult your GP before undertaking a physical exercise program. The Participants warrant, represent and agree that the participant is in good physical condition, and the participant has no disability, impairment or ailment preventing them from engaging in exercise that will be detrimental to their health, safety or physical condition if participant does engage in any activity. The participant engages in physical exercise and the use of exercise equipment, club facilities, training and instruction at their own risk. Nikki Wetherell, Fit & Fabulous or any associated trading names is and are not a GP or registered Dietitian, all nutritional plans given to you are examples of what a sample nutrition program may consist of and by no means is meant to be a prescription or diagnosis for any medical condition of any kind. If you have any specific dietary requirements, digestive disorders or diseases you must consult your doctor before making changes to you diet.

The participant may not hold Nikki Wetherell, Fit & Fabulous or any associated trading names liable in any way for injuries that occur while training or following the diet guide.

Your Health & Well-being

This is covered in the registration document but just to be sure we can deliver you safe and effective training sessions and comply with our insurance. Even if you answer no now please notify us of any changes that may occur in the future.

Please consult your doctor if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

  1. You ever been advised not to take part in physical exercise
  2. You have Heart trouble or chest pain
  3. You have problems with your balance or experience dizziness
  4. You have a history of heart disease in your immediate family
  5. You recently had surgery or an illness
  6. You currently taking any medication
  7. You are pregnant or recently given birth
  8. You have a high blood pressure
  9. You are diabetic or asthmatic
  10. You have arthritis or Osteoarthritis
  11. You have any bone/joint problems
  12. You know of any reason why you should not exercise


By agreeing to train with any Fit & Fabulous coach/trainer, the participant agrees NOT to share training plans, diet plans and recommendations with any other person, coach or trainer or make them public via any medium. Plans must not be published or replicated, copied or resold or given away in any format. Legal action may be brought against those who share, publish or replicate the information provided by any Fit & Fabulous coach/trainer, Nikki Wetherell, or any other trading name of Nikki Wetherell Personal Training. Once a payment has been made the contract in binding. All plans and information is strictly confidential and must not be shared.

Payment & Contract Info

The client understands that sessions are non refundable for any Semi Private Personal Training, Personal Training or Online coaching. Payment must be made in full before commencing any sessions or before online programs are designed. Payment must be via the secure online payment system Stripe. 48 hrs notice must be given to cancel any sessions. Fit & Fabulous will try to accommodate changes where possible, but can not guarantee sessions can be transferred. Any missed and transferred sessions may be re-booked for the same week and can not be added on to the end of the block or transferred to another person. All training whether online or any form in person is subject to a minimum of 12 weeks and is non refundable. After the initial 12 weeks, training commitment is on a monthly basis. One full training month’s notice must be given to cancel your membership. Eg: If payment is taken on the 1st March, notice is given on the 20th of March, your last weeks training will be the last week in April.

Subject to discretion Fit & Fabulous occasionally agrees to arrange a payment plan in advance of starting a course. A non refundable cancellation fee of 50% of the total cost of the booking is charged if for any reason the training program needs to be cancelled or postponed regardless of the circumstances.

The client is strictly not permitted to work with any other coach or trainer whilst working under the guidance of Nikki Wetherell or any Fit & Fabulous Coach unless authorized before hand. This includes posing, nutrition or trainers of any kind. We have our own recognized recommended professionals that can help with any external requirements should you need them.

We reserve the right to use any client images for social media and marketing.

Semi Private & 1-2-1 Personal Training 

Semi Private Personal Training & 1-2-1 Personal Training must be carried out in a single block.
Clients must notify us before committing to training if you intend on taking a holiday during your booked training period. Semi Private memberships include 4 weeks holiday allowance per year. This includes 2 weeks over the Christmas period and 2 weeks for you to take during the rest of the year. The monthly cost remains the same. If you  decide to take additional time off outside of the 4 weeks given the monthly cost also remains the same as sessions are run as a membership not a session by session basis. Subject to availability you may be able to add in any missed sessions with in the same month. Any sessions missed due to illness, injury or other circumstances can not be added on to the end of the block or refunded. However we will try to accommodate you where we can so you are able to catch up on any missed sessions during the same training period (ie: the same month) This is subject to availability and not guaranteed.

If You Can Not Attend A Session 

Training with a cold if you feel well enough is ok. However, please do not come to training if you have sickness or an upset stomach. Please leave 48hrs after the last bout before coming to sessions. Please also stay at home if you have any contagious illness such as a virus to avoid spreading it to other members of the team. We are unable to train you if you have any illness anything affecting your chest, or breathing that could be made worse from training such as a chest infection and reserve the right to refuse training training due to illness. We understand this is frustrating but need to consider your health and that of others. Any missed sessions can be made up by attending additional sessions in the same training period (ie: month) No refunds will be available due to illness. Please give as much notice as possible.

1-2-1 training sessions are subject to the same health and well-being requirements. We operate a strict 48hr cancellation policy but will do our best to accommodate you and offer alternative session times with in the same training period to enabling you to make up for any missed sessions. If you are unable to make alternatives sessions they will be forfeited and not are refundable.

All appointments are subject to a 48hr cancellation policy

If We Need To Cancel 
If for any reason we need to cancel a training session and can not arrange alternative cover we will offer you alternative sessions with in a month of the cancelled sessions. Sessions can not be refunded if the additional semi private sessions put on to cover cancellations can not be attended by a client. We will do our best to provide a choice of additional sessions, open up spaces in existing sessions and liaise with the training group to arrange the best times to make up for any cancellations.  This would apply under extreme circumstances beyond our control.

We reserve the right to cancel any training or online programs without refund at any point if we feel the client is not committed ie: The client is not sending in regular online check ins or regularly misses or is late to sessions, or if the client behaves in an inappropriate  manner to a fellow team member or any trainer.

Extreme Weather & change of session times 
If clients are unable to get to sessions due to extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow, semi private sessions will be rescheduled for the sessions that did not run. A selection of session days and times will be given as alternatives with in the same training period and will  run according to the majority vote. The regular session times will also be available to be used to make up for any missed sessions subject to availability so there is plenty of opportunity to make up any missed. Refunds will not be available for missed sessions.

Occasionally session times may need to to change due to staff holiday or sickness. A choice of alternative session times will be offered. No refunds will be given due to missing sessions during these periods if you are unable to make the alternative session provided times. When regular session times resume they will be available to be used to make up for any missed sessions subject to availability, so there is plenty of opportunity to make up any missed.

We reserve the right to cancel if we feel unable to offer the client a safe and effective program or if their health and well-being becomes compromised or changes.

Data Protection
We totally respect your privacy and only collect information such as that on your registration document required to aid in delivering a  safe and effective service. We are registered on the Data Protection Register and  never keep your information for longer than necessary. You permission is required to do this so pleas ensure you completely fill out your registration document and tick the appropriate box towards the end of the form.

NOTE: On returning registration forms, making a payment, receiving coaching or attending sessions your program will commence and the client agrees to the terms and conditions and is entering into a binding contract with Fit & Fabulous and Nikki Wetherell.

Please see the separate privacy policy page to read about this this in more detail.

Fit & Fabulous, Nikki Wetherell is not responsible for any injury caused following any training program.

Terms and Conditions are final and non-negotiable but we will ALWAYS do everything possible to ensure you are well looked after xx