If you are worried about what to expect, or feeling nervous about starting something new, don’t just take my word for it take a look at what some of my clients have to say about training with me:


“Having suffered with a very painful lower back and pelvis and feeling generally quite unfit, I decided to start regularly training with Nikki. As a result my strength and fitness have improved a great deal. I am a lot leaner and fitter and now look forward to working out and consequently do not have any problems with my back. I work out on a regular basis and this year I am looking to do a 46 mile trekking challenge, which I would not have thought possible before training with Nikki. Nikki is a great motivator and very inspirational!”


“The thought of not only exposing myself in lycra but also my lack of strength was worrying but Nikki held my hand from the start. Her positivity and encouragement made me find mine and 2015 holds new challenges but anything is possible with a trainer like Nikki. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.


I have been training Kirsty since before she fell pregnant about a year ago. She has done brillantly and will be sending her experiance of training with me over shortly tolet you know how shes been getting on after having her baby and getting back in to shape.


“Nikki made up a diet plan for me that suited my various food intolerances and being pescatarian. I never felt hungry whilst following her plan and lost at least 2lb each week! The training plan was easy to follow and easy to fit into my day, despite being a mum of four. Nikki was supportive, informative and encouraging.”


“Nikki’s long distance plan has been great for me and I can’t recommend it enough. I initially started with personal training sessions which helped me achieve my starting goals and make diet and exercise a lifestyle, not a phase. Once I was ready to reduce the PT sessions, the long distance support package that Nikki offered helped me stay on track and the clean eating plan helped me to make adjustments to my family’s menus as well as my own. Nikki is always there for support and motivation. I have lost a good deal of weight and inches but more importantly I have gained confidence and a healthy outlook on life! I couldn’t be without her!”


“I have struggled with weight and confidence issues since being a teenager and nothing I tried worked, that was until a friend told me about Nikki. She has blown me away with all the support and encouragement she has given me so far. Her knowledge is second to none and because of this I have been able to lose 16lb in 5weeks….something I would not have done without Nikki. My confidence is also growing. I look forward to all my training sessions with her and enjoy the variety of exercises we do. Going to Nikki was one of the best decisions I have ever made!!”


I have been working with Nikki for a year now for competition prep. She has surpassed all expectations of what you would expect from a coach. She has been professional and supportive in and out the gym. She has provided me with everything I needed to reach my goals and more. Her knowledge is vast and she is forever growing and teaching others how to live a healthy balanced lifestyle no matter what.


I started training with Nikki at the end of September 2016 – I had a big birthday coming up and a holiday and I was determined to find a local and professional PT who would help me achieve my fitness goals. After discovering Nikki online, I immediately started and haven’t looked back. Needless to say… With the help of Nikki I achieved my goals. The sessions are challenging but fun, with a great group of people to spur you on. The support is second to none with weekly reviews to help you through when things get a little tough. This is certainly the best investment I have ever made.


Excellent long distance training plans from Nikki. We were living out in Dubai when she first drew us up a plan and we got an incredible amount of support whilst doing it. Now we are back I am training with her followI got having my first baby and can’t say enough about how much knowledge and support she is already sharing with me. I can’t wait to see the results and thoroughly recommend! Thank you!


I have just completed my 2nd month with Nikki and I can only highly recommend her. We work within a small group but everyone’s training is personalised and Nikki is there to support you every step of the way. My nutrition is now the best it has ever been and I am looking forward to continuing getting fitter, healthier and happier under Nikkis guidance. Give her a call, you won’t regret it!


Everyone should have a Nikki in their lives! She gives you all the tools you need to make the right changes. She gives you the emotional and mental support as well as nutritional and fitness guidance and that’s something not every professional trainer can offer. Nikki is very insistent on making sure it’s specific to your needs. If you put in the effort and have the motivation, she will be right behind you doing her damned best to help you achieve your goals.


I did 3 months of training with Nikki at the beginning of 2016. I was struggling to lose the last of my baby weight and I went to have a chat with Nikki after seeing her on Facebook. I lost 20 inches and nearly a stone in that time. The morning sessions were great fun with a fabulous group of ladies and Nikki’s weekly check ins helped to keep my diet and training in focus. She’s a great trainer; really supportive and encouraging. She has shown me that I can achieve results and given me a solid foundation upon which to build for the rest of my life. Thank you Nikki!


I’ve been working with Nikki for about 8 months now & getting back into early morning training sessions the last couple of weeks has been tough!, so I decided to look back @ my staring point to help spur me on at the start of a new year & tbh I’m gobsmacked !!…..I didn’t know Nikki before I joined the F&F team: I had just hit a significant birthday & was feeling crap about myself & the whole female ageing process, I have a back problem & had very little body confidence – but since then, with Nikki’s support & help….I’ve lost 26 inches from around my body & over 1st in weight, I’ve changed shape, toned up, got stronger & most importantly to me, my back & posture is improved & I feel better emotionally. It certainly isn’t easy – I’m not someone who loves exercise (although strangely I do now quite like lifting !), but Nikki’s methods definitely work & I’d recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health & wellbeing – added bonus is you get to join a great group of people all encouraging each other to achieve their own personal goals – thankyou Nikki.


I would 100% recommend Nikki (fit & fabulous) she is very committed to making sure you receive the best advice/info to get u to where u want to be. positivity all the way. the group is lovely & makes u feel welcome & answers any questions u may have. It’s like a mini family of ladies that all want the same thing to be fit & healthy!


I came across Fit and Fabulous after googling posing coaches last minute. It was my first show and had mistakenly left posing to very last minute. Nikki’s accomplishments within the industry gave me full confidence in working with her for my show and not only did Nikki do her very best to accommodate my lessons last minute but she fully took me under her wing. I instantly felt supported during my journey, something that I hadn’t had from previous coaches. I can honestly say I would consider no one else to coach me during my next prep as not only does she provide a varied and interesting diet (again something I hadn’t had), she is also so lovely and understanding!


Absolutely loving your Candlelit Yin Yoga classes, Nikki. As you know, we were a little daunted starting yoga initially, but now can’t wait for our Wednesday sessions! Second term in and I can really feel the benefits, and the yin-ness of it all is amazing! Roll on meditation week! Thanks Nikki, Namaste


Didn’t realize how much I needed Nikki’s candle lit Yin Yoga in my life. Officially hooked and loving it. It’s a perfect combo of challenging and therapeutic. The setting is really special and Nik’s a great teacher


Nikki Wetherell is one of the few Fitness and Health Professionals who has knowledge with regards to exercise and pelvic floor health. She is an absolute joy and I highly recommend her.